Schools That Can “Seats” vid

“Seats” video


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Luke Hughett: Senior Art Director

Sean Lee: Senior Copywriter

Director: Gerald Ding

Production: Psyop

Schools That Can came to us asking for a letter that they could send to their donor network to help raise awareness — and financial support.

“A letter?” we thought. Lame. Nobody reads — or remembers — letters from people they don’t know.

So we decided: Let’s do something bigger. Bolder. Something with more impact. And let’s ask the industry’s best animation houses to work with us. Why the hell not? Worst they can say is “no.”

At a time when so many educational groups are talking about the failure of the education system—escalating drop-out rates, slashed budgets, fired teachers, etc.—we decided to focus on something entirely different: the promise of our students.

One reason we wanted to go with optimism is because what Schools That Can does is actually working. They’re a network of high-performing schools—often in underserved parts of the country—that share their best practices to create the best places for students to learn and be whatever it is they dream of being.


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